With Your Very Own Personal Trainer, Achieve Real Results. 

MTW can help you achieve your Dream Physique without sacrificing your Lifestyle. With our personal training packages and one-to-one training you’ll truly own your own results.

With over 10 years of experience educating and shaping people’s physique, our method of training has helped client’s achieve their goals and live a healthier lifestyle in a matter of months!

MTW Training covers Stratford-Upon-Avon, Solihull and Warwick. You can also choose our Online Personal Training Package if you’re unable to make it to sessions during COVID-19.

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REPs Certified Personal Trainer

Rest assured, that you will be training with a personal trainer that has over 10 years of experience getting all of his clients the results they dreamed about and much more! I’m a qualified PT and also REPs Insured (Registered Exercise Professional), meaning you’ll be in safe hands throughout the transformation.

Guaranteed Dedication & Results

MTW Training ensure all our clients reach their goals and much more! Our aim hasn’t changed, which is to progress peoples’ mentality as well as their physical ability & appearance. Giving you the tools to be mentally and physically fit during your transformation. Which will lead you too greatness and a healthy lifestyle which will be improving the quality of peoples’ lives.

How we can help you  Improve your Fitness & Health. 

Here at MTW Training we focus on delivering the best possible personal training sessions for our clients, from diet & nutrition plans to personal training, weight loss, muscle gain to sports massages.. MTW Has you covered!

MTW Training has been driven to provide the best personal training service on a one-to-one basis with optimal results achieved.

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Not sure? Discuss Your Fitness Options with us!

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there, so get in contact so MTW can guide you in the right direction inline with your fitness goals.

Popular Personal Training Plans You Can Book Online

online training Package

Unable to make it to the gym? Comfortable in your own home? The online training package will suit you perfectly. With our bespoke monthly training program and nutrition plan you will progress towards a more fit & healthy lifestyle within no time.

£120.00 Every 6 Weeks.

Intermediate Package

This package is what you need if you haven’t had a personal trainer before, directly putting you on the right path for the most promising outlay! A personalised training programme which is supported by a one-to-one personal training session every week. Stat testing & fitness testing throughout, ensuring that your progress is moving forwards.

£173.99 Per Month.

Advanced Package

From a personalised training programme, to your one to one personal training session – not only once but twice a week! You know you’re achieving your goals with impeccable timing. Stat testing & fitness testing throughout, ensuring that your progress is moving forwards with being able to compare from where we began and how much we have achieved!

£297.99 Per Month.


Now with this, you really are getting looked after! You receive everything from all the other health and fitness bundles. But instead of classes each month. You will receive a longer duration time with your health & fitness professional, ensuring that nothing is unused!

£385.00 Per Month.

Please note: With online booking there's a range of payment options available; Cash, DD or Online - All of which will be securely checked with both parties. By agreeing to home sessions you must take full responsibility for any damage done to your home or property. If training at home, ensure there is adequate space and suitable flooring without hazards. Note that sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged in full, otherwise there is no cancellation fee.


The face behind MTW Training, Myles Wood. Come find out who I am and how I've been motivating and shaping people's fitness/health for over 10 years.

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