My  Mission. 

” My mission is simply to help you reach your fitness goals. Changing your mentality as well as your physical appearance. Giving YOU the tools to be mentally and physically fit during the transformation. Leading you to greatness & a healthy lifestyle, to improve the quality of YOUR LIFE. “

 MTW’S Goal. 

MTW Training is the pathway to success in your health and fitness journey! We cover your;

  • Gym Sessions for the most intense and effective training you need to achieve your goals!
  • Meals so you can be sure that you are getting in the right nutrition you need for your goals without having to worry about cooking. Letting you get on with your busy lifestyle and leaving the cooking to us!
  • Nutrition Plans to keep you informed on how you should be eating and what you food contains. Which then gives you a better insight on what you are putting into you and what it is doing to your body!
  • Sports Massages to ensure that you are fully recovered from your gym sessions and your body is stress free physically and mentally. Which also has a load of benefits for you mentally and physically

After beginning with MTW Training, you will realise an increase in self confidence, physical strength and fitness. An the best thing is… It will stay with you forever!



Hard work


real transformations

“I had been going to Anytime Fitness Yardley for 2 years before meeting Myles and while I can say I made progress in them 2 years, for someone as impatient as me and as someone who finds it hard to put on weight, signing up with MTW is definitely something I wish I’d done sooner! Myles was always there with support whether it be advise on workout splits, meal prep, even good posture. As someone with a speech impendament, confidence is always something I’d struggled with, after training with Myles and seeing just how passionate he is about his work and helping me achieve my goals, I can honestly say my confidence has gone through the roof! I would recommend MTW to everybody.” ~Samuel from Yell



Ryan Kelly


Your Personal Trainer & Physical Therapist