I as the client who has signed at the bottom of this contract agree to the following terms and conditions;

Sessions & Session Cancelations

I will give full effort in performing the exercise program designed for me by my advanced personal trainer and any of the MTW Training Classes. 

If I receive an exercise program, I understand that my program will be based off testing results which I will do for my first session which I will have to pay for separately.

It is my understanding as the client signed at the bottom that if I miss any of my sessions, that I will still be charged for the missed session, and if I turn up any more than 5 minutes late into the session, the time will not be added onto the end of the session due to other personal trainer arrangements. Such as (breaks, other clients, program designing etc.) 

I understand that if I want to cancel any of my appointments that I must do it 24 hours for any sessions Monday to Friday, whereas Saturday or Sunday, they must be clarified before 9pm Friday evening in advanced minimum and if I fail to do so, then I will be charged for the personal training session or class

I am also signing to agree that I will always turn up to my sessions on time - if not then the time will not be added onto the end of the session depending on the duration of my session I have decided to purchase. 

I sign to agree as the client, that If my goal is to build muscle, all training sessions will begin from endurance training regardless of aims, and this is mainly so technique can be practiced to prevent injury for when anaerobic progressions commence. 

Weekly subcriptions can be cancelled at any time - refunds are only due if agreed between trainer and participant.

Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled within 1 week notice from the next payment date - refunds are only due if agreed between trainer and participant.

Quaterly subscriptions can be cancelled within 30 days noticefrom the next payment date - refunds are only due if agreed between trainer and participant.

Annual subscriptions can be cancelled within 7 days notice from the next payment date - refunds are only due if agreed between trainer and participant.

Health & Safety

My understanding that their is potential risks, i.e. episodes of transient light-headedness or possibly loss of consciousness, and I as the client assume willfully these risks. 

It is my obligation as the client to immediately inform the fitness professional you shall be carrying out the personal training sessions with about any abnormal symptoms that I may suffer during and immediately after fitness testing. 

I am also signing to agree that I have recently had a visit with my doctor and was deemed healthy enough to exercise with no restrictions and if there are I will bring a note from my doctor allowing me to exercise with notes on what I shouldn’t be doing.

I have read and understood and completed the PAR-Q and obtained medical clearance if necessary. I also sign to say that I hereby release Myles Wood or , ‘Charlotte Bacciochi’ from any Liability with respect to any damage or injury (including death) that may occur during the administration of the appraisal.

Depending on my goals whilst training with ‘Myles Wood’ from MTW Training, I will carry out various amount of fitness tests such as; fitness testing through interval training, strength testing through 1 Rep max training, lengthening and tension tests, and range of movement tests with ‘Myles Wood’ as my personal trainer and withdraw them from any charges if I do happen to receive harm from them. As I am signing to give consent to ‘Myles Wood’ to be able to perform the tests on me during the sessions. 

My understanding that I may ask any questions or request further explanation or information about the procedures at any time before and during the session. But once my session is over, I shall only ask questions via; Skype, email, or text message until my next session. 

Payment & Refunds

Payments will be made via; cash, direct debit, or Pay Pal (Card Machine in the gym) or Pay Pal online through reference transactions.

Reference Transactions: This is the subscriptions in which you as the client purchase off the website to an agreed package which then the agreed amount you have signed up for will be charged from your bank account on the set agreed date every month – once there are discounts on during the months – you will receive the discounted price as long as your payment falls within the sales period. Also, to cancel reference transactions, you must contact 07919966965 informing them you wish to cancel your reference transactions between (Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm) & (Saturday – Sunday 10am – 3pm), and you must provide 30 days worth of notice.

I accept that refunds will not be given due to illness or non-participation and that the standing orders can only be cancelled by providing 1 months notice to ‘Myles Wood’, ‘Charlotte Bacciochi’ in writing, which ‘Myles Wood’, ‘Charlotte Bacciochi’ should be in possession of within that start of the month notice. As long as I pay in full, and I am still not happy or satisfied with my progress. I am entitled to a full refund at the end of my sessions if I am not proud of the service delivered from MTW Training if I receive services with Myles Wood, Charlotte Bacciochi from C.B Fit.

Refund accepted by; Cash, Direct Debit Transfer, or if agreed with trainer it must state in writing signed by both trainer and client with 30 days notice signed by both trainer and client.

To enable the discount and refund if not satisfied eligibility, then all sessions must be purchased in blocks of 10 and paid in full, either before the first agreed session or on the first session from the clients side.



MTW Training: 07919966965


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