Myles Thorpe Wood

Myles Thorpe Wood

Personal Trainer

The mission is to get our clients to reach their goals and much more! We aim to change peoples’ mentality as well as their physical appearance. Giving them the tools to be mentally and physically fit during everyone’s transformation. Leading them to greatness and a healthy lifestyle, to improve the quality of people’s lives!

Who are we & What do we do?

We are the main personal trainers to see in Any Time Fitness Yardley & D’s Muscle N Fitness, and we are here to get you to achieve your health and fitness goals. We do this by a free consultation to then lead onto an action plan agreed with by both us as trainers and yourself. From here the fun begins as you start your journey to getting into the best possible state you’ve ever been!

Where do we train our clients?

We are currently based at two diferent locations stated at the bottom of the page, but there is also an option for home training on request where we venture out towards Solihull to allow you to achieve your goals at home!

When is the best time to train with our PT’s?

Use this guide so you can chose when the best time for you to have your personal training session with one of our trainers…

Weight Loss: Any Time of the day is the perfect time - Just get started!!

Building Muscle: At least leave yourself a good 45 minutes to 90 minutes for an intense session to get the most out of your muscles as possible!

General Health: Ideally you want to leave a slot for you to workout with MTW Training at a set time each session, and make it apart of your daily schedule!

Sport Specific: Having a competitive athlete background myself, I know what it is like when it comes to fitting in normal life with training & we do our best to enable you are getting a good steady balance in your life without too much socialable time sacrifice - as your social time still is apart of your health and should be treated as such.

Why do we do it?

We have a strong passion for health & fitness, and would like to push our influence and motivation onto others to allow them to achieve their health and fitness goals! As the saying goes “We might not be able to change the world, but we can change somebody’s world!”



MTW Training: 07919966965


MTW Training - Any Time Fitness, Unit 24 - 25, The Swan Centre , South Yardley, Birmingham B25 8UJ

D’s Muscle & Fitness, Unit 71 - 72, Biz Space LTD, Tysley Business Park, Kings Road, Birmingham B11 2AL